We are Chris and Karina and this is our story. We were married on April 9th 2004. We were excited about our new life together, but we were not prepared for the issues that we would face by the joining of our two families. Chris had two children, Halle (8), and Noah (5) and I had one daughter, Krista (14). How hard could it really be? We loved each other and were committed to sharing our lives together. As quickly as we said, "I do" the marriage encounters as we called them began and we found ourselves challenged by the reality of day-to-day living. Would we experience challenges? Yes, more than we both could have imagined. Would there be co-parenting issues? Yes, more than we anticipated. This messy and upsetting daily life became our normal until we decided that we wanted better; we wanted more.

Now our story goes a little like this.

We are the Whetstines: Chris, Karina, Krista, Halle, Noah and Anah. Chris and I have been married for over thirteen years and we have endured the growing pains of learning how to work together in a team comprised of his, hers, and ours. We said:

"I DO - for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for his children, for my child and for children we would one day have together."

Out of this commitment we began taking the steps we needed to create our 1happylife. Now we want to share out of our own life experiences, the good and the bad, to help you build your 1happylife - Real Life, Real Challenges, Real Resources.

Living 1happylife!

- Join Us!