You can share everyday life and proactively manage the challenges associated with not having one home base. At 1HL manage your co-parent relationships to keep them independent of your daily community life. You choose who gets to view your posts, documents, and calendar details based on your selections and profile settings.

Stay connected. Communicate freely and share life together as a community in private. You can stay connected and not miss out on sharing everyday life whether home or away.

Create boundaries and promote healthy communication. Say goodbye to he said she said conversations, excessive calls, or frustrating in-person interactions. At 1HL communicate whenever you need to, track communication details, and send alerts to let a co-parent know that they have a message waiting for them.

Share documents. At 1HL you can upload documents and instantly share them with a co-parent. You can organize your documents within categories like education, medical, or financial for quick and easy access. Eliminate the need for multiple requests for common information that can be shared and updated as needed with alerts to keep co-parents informed.

Manage Expenses. The fillable expense form allows you to input shared expenses, upload receipts and include notes. Parents are notified of new expenses once entered.

Coordinate schedules. Use the 1HL calendar to organize daily life. Keep track of activities, update schedules, plan for events in advance, and use share/invite feature as needed. Each time you create an event you can choose who has permission to view the details. You decide what to share or what to keep private. 

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DASHBOARD - Get an overall view of the recent interactions in your 1HL community account.


WALL - Communicate and share with other 1HL community members.


EVENTS - Invite community members to scheduled events. Set date, time, description and location.


FILES - Upload, categorize and share files with specific community members.


EXPENSES - Enter and track expenses shared between parents.


RESOURCES - Access other valuable parenting resources available to members.

CHAT - Instant message in realtime other community members logged in to 1HL.

MANAGE- 1HL is built on relationship permissions so you can manage community interaction.

Manage Community

NOTIFICATIONS - 1HL logs all system changes to create an automated historical record.